Does Turnkey Exhibit Management Align With Your Tradeshow Strategy?

In the complex world of exhibiting, the need for creating efficiencies has never been greater. One approach to assist you in planning and executing a successful exhibit is turnkey exhibit management. But the question remains: Does it align with your tradeshow strategy?

Understanding Turnkey Exhibit Management

Turnkey exhibit management involves outsourcing the process of designing, fabricating, and the management of logistics and services to an event management company. This all-in-one solution includes managed:

  • Design
  • Management
    • Program
    • Project
    • Inventory
  • ADEX Rentals
    • Structure
    • Components
    • AV
  • Booth approvals
  • Shipping
  • Material handling
  • Install and dismantle labor
  • Labor insurance requirements
  • Electric
  • Rigging
  • Lighting
  • Networking
  • Floral
  • Catering
  • Lead Retrieval
  • On-site AV rentals
  • On-site rentals

Our project management team creates estimates, manages, and pre-pays / audits services from the venue, general contractor, and designated third parties.  We also leverage industry partnerships to provide optimal results.

Why Would I Choose Tradeshow Event Management?

Businesses opt for turnkey solutions for their convenience and comprehensive nature. This approach can save time, reduce stress, and ensure a professional and meaningful exhibit.  With ADEX managing your exhibit program, your teams can concentrate on achieving business and marketing objectives.

With custom exhibits designed and fabricated by ADEX, you can rest assured that you will share your brand’s story with innovative exhibit designs and our comprehensive tradeshow service management. The ADEX team takes the guesswork out of your tradeshow program.

Reviewing Your Marketing Objectives

As you consider turnkey tradeshow booth management for your upcoming events, it’s essential to closely review your current marketing objectives. Take the time to undergo a thorough examination of your overarching goals, as it can help you identify your needs for your upcoming tradeshows and booth asset management.

Consider Your Initial Objectives

Begin by revisiting your initial marketing objectives. Are you aiming to increase brand visibility, generate leads, or share a new product at your event? Understanding these objectives will serve as a guiding framework when assessing the compatibility of turnkey event management for your needs.

Consider Booth Design and Layout

You also will need to consider how the design and execution of the tradeshow booth fit into your broader marketing narrative. Does your booth effectively share your brand’s story? Is the booth layout conducive to engaging with tradeshow attendees? Are you optimizing your booth space for maximum impact on the show floor? By aligning these elements, you ensure that your exhibit not only stands out visually but also resonates with the strategic goals of your marketing campaign.

Consider the intricacies of your tradeshow event—the dynamics, the target audience, and the industry landscape. How can your booth design be tailored to create an immersive experience that captivates your audience and reinforces your brand message? This integration goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about crafting an environment that actively contributes to achieving your marketing goals.

Factor In Any Challenges Expected

While the convenience and comprehensive nature of these services are evident, it’s essential to anticipate any hurdles that may arise. Ensure that the chosen management service can adapt to the unique aspects of your brand and industry, enhancing rather than hindering your marketing efforts.

In addition, you might wish to consider any budgetary concerns you might have. While turnkey solutions may represent an additional investment, weigh this against the time saved, stress reduced, and professional presentation guaranteed at events. Evaluate the long-term impact on your marketing ROI and whether the comprehensive support provided aligns with your budgetary considerations.

Aligning Turnkey Exhibit Management with Your Marketing Objectives

When planning your tradeshow booth, you should consider how your tradeshow event and the utilization of external project management services intertwine with your marketing objectives.

When considering if turnkey event management services do align with your marketing objectives, you might need to take time to also consider key factors that would influence success at your tradeshow.

Fine-Tune Your Marketing Goals

As you contemplate the alignment of turnkey event management services with your marketing objectives, it’s an opportune moment to redefine and fine-tune your goals. This involves a holistic approach, considering not only the immediate benefits of a well-managed tradeshow booth but also the long-term impact on your brand’s positioning and market reach.

Choose ADEX As Your Partner

The alignment of turnkey exhibit management with your objectives can be a game-changer for businesses. By understanding the benefits, you can prioritize the activities that contribute to the marketing of your business’s core competencies.

As the exhibit landscape continues to evolve, embracing innovative solutions like turnkey exhibit management can drive successful results.  At ADEX, we provide turnkey exhibit management services, helping you focus on what matters most — connecting with prospects and clients.

If you are considering turnkey tradeshow booth management for your next event, contact us today to explore how ADEX can manage your tradeshow program. 

Booth Size Matters

island tradeshow booth

In the realm of trade shows, the question often arises: Does trade show booth size matter?

It’s a valid inquiry as companies weigh the pros and cons of investing in either a large or small trade show footprint. While those on a budget may opt for a smaller booth due to lower costs, others may wonder if a larger exhibit is worth the investment. 

Ultimately, the decision rests with you and what aligns best with your marketing objectives. However, drawing from our experience and expertise, we’d like to shed some light on the importance of booth size.

Recent Trends in Exhibit Booth Sizing

Since COVID, there has been a trend in some industries for companies to select smaller booth footprints. In an effort to increase overall event footprints and to maintain contractual venue obligations, organizers are now implementing more rules and regulations that encourage exhibitors to select larger booth spaces.

Determining Booth Sizing in the Design Process

When ADEX begins the exhibit design process, we collaborate with clients to produce a design brief. Almost all design briefs include, that the booth needs to be inviting. The footprint of the exhibit is one of the main drivers of creating an inviting booth. For instance, the same quantity of exhibit structure is typically used in a 20 x 20 exhibit as in a 20 x 30 exhibit. While the 20 x 20 exhibit might feel cluttered, the 20 x 30 exhibit creates a more welcoming and spacious environment. Extra square feet of space also create better wayfinding and more prominent focal points.

Consider The Organization’s Sizing Requirements

Before selecting your exhibit footprint, it is important to review the organizers’ rules and regulations.

  • Inline booths (10x10s and 10x20s) typically have the same guidelines. Exhibit backwalls cannot be taller than 8’ and have no hanging signs. Any structure over 4’ tall typically must not extend more than 5’ beyond the back of the booth.
  • Peninsula booths (3 sides open) have different guidelines from event to event. Sometimes backwalls can be higher than 8’ and hanging signs are allowed. When designing your peninsula booth, ADEX will work with the organizer to gain information about the neighboring exhibitor’s plans to the shared common backwall.
  • Island booths, depending on the industry and organizer, can have even more complex rules and regulations that may impact the usable space in your booth.

Consider Exhibit Booth Trends

Recent trends for island booth guidelines include:

  • Setbacks: Exhibit walls or components sometimes must be setback a certain amount of feet from the aisle.
  • Sightlines: Sometimes there are no sightline requirements, but some rules and regulations require a certain percentage of see-through. We’ve seen requirements that range from 25% to 50% see-through.
  • Overhead sightlines:
    • Some organizers require that hanging signs be limited to a certain overhead space. For instance, ADEX recently supported a peninsula booth where there was a 25% setback from backwall and the hanging sign area was limited to 50% of the width and 50% of the depth of the booth. Although the booth was 30’ wide x 40’ deep, the hanging signs were limited to a 15’ wide x 20’ deep space.
    • Other overhead sightline regulations can include the minimum height of hanging signs or requirements that hanging signs and structures have a certain amount of separation.

When setback and sightlines are a combined requirement, the usable exhibit space within your footprint can be significantly impacted. 

Consider Your Organization’s Tradeshow Booth Needs

In selecting an exhibit footprint, exhibiting objectives should be explored:

  • How many products or services need visibility?
  • How many attendees are we expected to interact with and do we have enough space for interaction to occur with minimum attendee wait time?
  • Do we require space for:
    • Storage
    • Interactives
    • In-booth presentations
    • Promotional giveaways
    • Hospitality (coffee service, cappuccino service, catering, etc…)

Choose ADEX For Your Tradeshow Booth Development

The selection of booth space sometimes occurs a year out from the event. Other potential variables on when you can select a booth (versus other exhibitors) include how long you’ve been an exhibitor and your sponsorship level. Projecting exhibiting needs a year out can be a difficult process. 
ADEX International is here to assist you in that process. Contact us today and we’ll help recommend the space required to meet your exhibiting objectives. We are your turnkey provider to design, fabricate, and manage your tradeshow program.

Seven Tips for Creating an Impactful Exhibit

At ADEX, we design and create meaningful booth experiences. According to Exhibit Surveys, Inc., tradeshow attendees spend an average of 8.3 hours on the floor visiting booths. Although that may seem like a lot of time, there is so much visual noise you’ll want to ensure that your exhibit stands out and leaves a lasting impression. Here are some tips for creating a memorable experience for visitors at your exhibit. 

1. Define the Objectives

Exhibits are leveraged to create awareness, build relationships, educate, demonstrate, and sell. By defining and weighting the most important objectives to match the industry, market, and event; exhibitors can prioritize booth components and activities. The exhibit should enhance your business and marketing strategies specific to audience and event. 

2. Maximize the Space

A big key to designing an effective tradeshow exhibit is to make the best use of the limited space. Whenever possible, try to reserve a space in a high-traffic area. Design the exhibit to provide enough space to achieve your objectives, while leaving enough open space to create a welcoming environment. Think vertically by adding height to your booth and use wayfinding to guide attendees to avoid a confusing experience. 

3. Branding, Branding, Branding

Although it goes without saying, be hyper-aware of using your exhibit to generate brand awareness. Your booth should be a visual representation of your brand and attendees should immediately recognize your company. By creating a compelling brand experience – whether through visuals, product displays, or demonstrations , attendees will be more likely to have memorable takeaways. 

4. Use Color Wisely 

Colors can elicit an emotional response and bright, eye-catching hues can grab a person’s attention, but it’s still important that you are clearly communicating your brand messaging through the colors being used. It might be tempting to deviate from your branding to create a more vivid display, but you can use colors creatively while still being true to your brand. Complimentary colors can give you more options when used strategically. Different color treatments include materials, textures, and graphics. 

5. Provide Opportunities for Interaction

Add space where you can incorporate your product and services into the exhibit to create opportunities for interactive moments. If visitors are given the chance to interact with your offerings, they are more likely to stay longer and retain key information relative to their needs. Attendees will always be more engaged if they are active participants as opposed to passive observers. 

6. Integrate Technology 

Video or multimedia can grab the attention of attendees while also creating a dynamic, engaging experience. In addition to monitors showcasing your products and services, other multimedia options include LED video walls and digital interactives. Incorporating technology into your booth can engage and educate your audience, enabling your company to stand out amongst competitors. 

7. Incorporate the Senses

Use methods to engage the senses: Visual: Lighting is key and should be used strategically while matching the ambiance you want to create for your exhibit. Lighting can showcase your product with dramatic effect and backlighting can create visual focus points and frame messaging. Impactful exhibit lighting can both attract attendees and create a more welcoming environment. Motion: Large LED visuals and looping content on monitors are eye catching and draws attendees into your booth for further discussions. Sound and Smell: Ambient music or sound is always intriguing and can pull attendees attention to your booth as does smell – a good coffee or popcorn is always enticing and actually keeps them in the booth longer for quality conversation. 

If you are interested in incorporating these tips into your next tradeshow booth, consider working with ADEX. Our tradeshow experts will collaborate with you to provide a creative and effective solution tailored to your unique business and exhibit needs. For more information call or contact us today or fill out our RFP form here

ADEX Named One of EXHIBITOR Magazine’s ‘Top 40 Exhibit Producers’

ADEX is honored to be included in EXHIBITOR Magazine’s ‘Top 40 Exhibit Producers’ list, out of nearly 500 applications from exhibit houses with offices throughout North America!

“The fifth-annual Find It – Top 40 represents the most exclusive list of North American exhibit providers in the industry and serves as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval when it comes to the companies behind many of the most successful trade show stands in the world,” editor of EXHIBITOR, Travis Stanton, said.

Read the full article here.

In our fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, we are truly honored and grateful to be recognized as a leading event and trade show fabricator—a testament to the hard work and dedication of our whole team.

At ADEX, we consult with emerging businesses looking to expand in their market by leveraging trade shows as a starting point, and we collaborate with companies looking to start up or revamp their trade show programs for measurable results.

Contact us today for help with your next trade show!

ADEX Named One of Event Marketer’s ‘Fab 50!’

ADEX is pleased to—once again—be named one of Event Marketer’s “Fab 50!” Each year, Event Marketer recognized the top 50 fabricators serving the event and trade show industry. It’s an honor to be included in this list and among such talented company!

Today’s top fabricators must wear many hats. Beyond designing and building stunning displays that bring their product or service to life, fabricators must be strategic partners helping to integrate technology and digital media into builds that amplify the engagement factor and truly deliver on marketing objectives.

From designing spaces live-wired for social media, to building studios within event footprints for live broadcasting, to dreaming up upside-down exhibits, multi-sensory walls, scenic replicas, and large-scale graphics—today’s top industry’s builders are designing for screened engagements as much as they are for eyeballs on-site.

In our fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, we are truly honored and grateful to be recognized as a leading event and trade show fabricator—a testament to the hard work and dedication of our whole team.

At ADEX, we consult with emerging businesses looking to expand in their market by leveraging trade shows as a starting point, and we collaborate with companies looking to start up or revamp their trade show programs for measurable results.

Contact us today for help with your next trade show!

The Top 7 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Important for Your Business

Trade shows should be a key consideration when evaluating your marketing and sales strategy.  They are a key avenue to increasing business opportunities with potential and current customers by providing a centralized location for meaningful face-to-face interactions within your industry.

  • Increase Awareness

    Increase awareness by leveraging automated marketing and social media platforms before, during and after the show.  With a well-designed, visually impactful booth, you can improve corporate and brand recognition for  the products & services you offer on the trade show floor. Implement a hierarchical approach to your message, layering underneath the Corporate brand identity with strong visuals and content that support your products and services. 
  • Build Credibility

    An important reason to attend trade shows is the opportunity to establish credibility within the marketplace.  By securing booth spaces with an orientation that allows for maximum attendee traffic and use of space, you will be perceived as a market leader.  This is particularly beneficial if you’re just beginning to exhibit or experiencing market growth.  
  • Educate

    Having attendees meeting  at your booth is an excellent opportunity to provide information on your products and services face to face.  Existing customers may not be engaging your company fully because they are not aware of all that the company has to offer.  These gaps in knowledge leaves space for competitors.  By engaging with attendees at trade shows and providing a capabilities journey, you can provide valuable education on what makes your company the best solution.
  • Cultivate Business Relationships

    Attending trade shows is a great way to meet and connect with both new and existing customers. Most people want to put a face to the product or service they purchase and by exhibiting at a trade event, you create an opportunity for connection.  Schedule social activities both in the booth and externally.  These activities could include informal dining experiences or formal meetings / presentations.  The opportunity is to maximize the value from having an engaged audience.
  • Accelerate the Sales Process

    Trade Shows  provide the perfect medium to market your products or services to a large specialized audience in a short amount of time with the ability to generate more sales leads.  Sales cycles are typically long, but engaging attendees at a trade show can accelerate the sales process.  With the opportunity to meet face-to-face, exhibitors can quickly gather information on a prospect’s needs and provide an immediate response.  Meeting in person also provides a level of familiarity that is difficult to replicate otherwise.  Qualified lead generation is an important metric to determine trade show success and is an excellent touchpoint in the sales process.
  • Stay Current

    Attending a trade show will help you stay current on emerging industry trends and the competition. If possible, those staffing the booth should take time to attend Keynotes or show sessions.   These presentations can help you and your team learn new industry concepts and where the marketplace is headed.

In addition, trade shows can provide you insights into your competitors and their strategies. Review the exhibitors guide and make it a point to visit other booths. Learning what the competition is doing in your industry can provide you with a competitive advantage.


  • Network

Hundreds of companies (small and large) sign up for trade shows for the sole purpose of networking. These opportunities to create new business partners or alliances with distributors, vendors, and buyers through networking can be very beneficial.  Plan to meet with any industry publications that are at the show as well.  An interview or article written during the event is another PR opportunity.

Bottom Line

CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) reports that the cost of sales at trade shows is approximately 30% less than direct sales.  A well-planned trade show strategy can increase sales and lower expenditures.

Today’s business environment is constantly changing and ADEX is here to help.  We consult with emerging businesses looking to expand in their market by leveraging trade shows as a starting point.  We collaborate with companies looking to start up or revamp their trade show programs for measurable results.

Contact us today for help with your next trade show.

Meet ADEX Team Member: Dan Luken

Meet Dan Luken, Tradeshow & Event Specialist

Dive into our Q&A with Dan!

Question: How long have you been a part of the ADEX team? 
Answer: 30 years

What is your role at ADEX? 
Tradeshow and Event Specialist

What does tradeshow and event specialists do? 
We help organize and plan shows and events for clients

What does your day-to-day look like?  
It means we have to know our clients, their inventory, organize labor, services, logistics, all the way to dismantling the booth and shipping it back to storage.

What is the wildest thing you have experienced while traveling? 
I saw a 60’ back wall fall over, because it wasn’t supported correctly. (This was not an ADEX wall, just to be sure!)

What is the most ‘disgusting’ thing you have ever eaten? 
I tried an oyster, no thank you

If you weren’t a Trade Show and Event Specialist what would you want to do? 
I love to help people, whether it be fixing something on their house to helping someone be successful on their job.

That’s why I like my job, I like to see how excited clients get when their new booth comes to fruition and they are just overwhelmed.

What is your favorite ADEX memory? 
I actually have two, the first is when my son came to work with us, and the second is when I received my cruise for 10 year anniversary.

Close your eyes for this one…Where is your happy place? 
Sitting on a beach watching the sun come up.

Meet ADEX Team Member: Tracy Fujimura


Question: How long have you been a part of the ADEX team? 
Answer: A little over 3 years

What is your position? 
Business Development Account Manager

What does that mean? 
I work closely with the Director of Business Development as the project manager on her accounts.  I am also sales support; working on RFPs, award applications, marketing materials, and overarching strategic initiatives.

What does that really mean you do? 
I get to work directly with clients to grow existing relationships as well as develop ADEX as a whole.

Craziest thing you’ve seen while traveling? 
Exotic petting zoo in a trade show booth

What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten? 
Oysters….sorry, I don’t like them!

If you weren’t a Trade Show and Event Specialist what would you want to do? 
I would want to rehab and flip homes

What is your favorite ADEX memory? 
My favorite ADEX memory is our client and employee 40th celebration. 

Close your eyes for this one…Where is your happy place? 
Camping in Red River Gorge

While convention attendance has dried up, convention centers have dialed up their expansion plans

Convention center building on the rise

Convention Centers Expanding Despite 2020 Attendance Drought

While convention attendance has dried up, convention centers have dialed up their expansion plans. The pandemic is intensifying the competition among cities, which are rushing to build bigger, more alluring event spaces. 

Convention center building on the rise

Things are looking up

A seemingly juxtaposed situation is unfolding in the convention space, which is making ADEX excited about the future.

While we are reading devastating facts about our current situation, as seen in the article quote below, we are also encouraged by the hundreds of millions of dollars being invested into convention centers, hotels, and exposition centers around the country.

“Normally, there are more than a quarter-million conventions and trade shows in the United States each year, ranging from the huge CES technology trade show in Las Vegas to smaller expos for janitorial supplies or antique-toy enthusiasts. In 2016, those events drew 84.7 million people, who spent a total of $110.4 billion, according to the latest survey by the Events Industry Council.”

This is a good sign that the industry will come storming back. Maybe not immediately, but almost certainly.

Many city convention centers, hotels, and exhibition centers are investing heavily for the anticipated full-scale shows to return in the next 1-2 years:

  • Indianapolis: Spending up to $155 million to retain the American Dental Association convention in 2026
  • Georgia: budgeting $70 million to double Savannah’s convention center size
  • Cleveland: officials are seeking $30 million to upgrade an underused health technology center and add it onto the Huntington Convention Center.
  • Terre Haute: where the foundation for a $32 million convention center is half poured, the county Capital Improvement Board just began working on a plan for a $20 million hotel nearby.

Why are cities pouring so much money into a space that is currently inactive?

ADEX’s Director of Business Development, Cheryl Wood, shares her thoughts:

“I believe most overlook the great impact the exhibition, convention, and event industry has on the economy and what it can do for a city’s state of business. These events affect all major cities, bringing in millions of dollars of revenue for a variety of different industries on a regular basis.” 

The switch to virtual has certainly helped to keep things going in a time when we’ve been left with no other option. Some have elected to convert their entire business over to virtual, predicting that the trade show industry won’t snap back to the strength it once had.

But ADEX is bullish on the return of face-to-face tradeshows for a few great reasons:

  1. More effective and efficient method of business development:
    In-person trade shows and events keep a company’s sales force face-to-face with their prospects and clients. Engaging prospects in one-on-one, in-person conversations is a better way to build credibility with that individual, compared to that of a virtual sales call. Salespeople can travel to a single location for a few days and interact with over 50 people each day. This invariably leads to a greater sales investment when compared to traveling to each prospect individually across the country. If planned appropriately, tradeshows can occur safely within these large spaces.
  2. Fantastic revenue generator for cities:
    One of these multi-day events brings revenue to hotels, restaurants, and other cultural venues, keeping a city’s downtown core alive and thriving.
  3. Virtual call fatigue is setting in:
    We are starting to hit the limits of everyone’s patience for an environment that’s 100% virtual calls. It’s harder to hold attendees’ attention on sales calls, given how easily they can walk away from their computer. Virtual events are also struggling to engage the attendees. Many organizations are finding it incredibly difficult to replicate the excitement and energy, delivery and quality of information of an in-person event to a virtual experience.

“The world doesn’t realize how much the trade show industry contributes to overall. The human touch is not to be overlooked in the face of virtual capabilities. We need to get back to the “human touch” once we can again safely, even though we can’t right now.” Cheryl continues.

Here’s how you can be ready

1.) Quieter, less traveled times don’t call for idleness. It calls for strategic planning.

Many companies are sitting on their hands while “nothing is happening.” Now is your opportunity to get out ahead of your competition. 

  • Start to examine how your key customers are evolving their buying process. While it could migrate toward more virtual experience, it won’t entirely.
  • Your sales team will have a lot of great insights here based upon their 2020 experiences.
  • Use these insights to balance what your hybrid in-person and virtual experiences will be. ADEX can help with balancing the right approach for your company.

It’s time to get re-inspired for your next booth! View an array of our custom booths to inspire your next design by clicking here

2.) While in-person events will be back, it won’t be the only avenue for your company’s growth.

All companies will start to use virtual more and more since their buyers are finding that it is convenient, in some instances, to explore offerings without being there in person.

However, the successful companies will develop a hybrid approach which encompasses both an in-person strategy as well as a complementary digital, virtual strategy.

Ultimately, successful sales teams will adapt to meet their customers’ needs. The good news is that we’re seeing both the benefits and limitations of virtual right now.

View ADEX’s virtual offering page as a reference point for your team to start to consider their hybrid strategy by clicking here.

3.) Don’t overanalyze your current position or try to predict the future.

It’s stressful to think about planning for future shows that may not be finalized just yet.

However, your company will certainly benefit from taking an early strategic approach to their 2021 and 2022 strategy:

  • Analyze how your buyers and customers have evolved their approach to buying products and services like yours. Remember that your sales team is a great source of inspiration here. They will also be eager to contribute in meaningful ways if they can see how this will help them develop their book of business further. Work together to develop an educational experience for your key buyers.
  • Determine what level of in-person and virtual experiences you should create with the help of your sales team. Having a thriving virtual strategy is going to help your sales team both immediately, while shows are still down, as well as into the future, when an in-person and virtual hybrid approach will be necessary to grow.
  • Speak with ADEX about the best way to approach your upcoming in-person and virtual tradeshow experience. We have seen first-hand the power that virtual can have, especially when complemented by an in-person strategy. We can help you prioritize your first steps and get you started with a program to develop an incredible growth platform for the next 1-2 years.

Regardless of where your organization is today, the future looks bright. We’re here to help you develop the right approach for your organization. No two companies are alike and we pride ourselves on this customized hybrid strategy we have already begun to implement with our partners.

You can read the full original New York Times article here:

Meet ADEX Team Member: Caleb Campbell

Caleb Campbell

Q: How long have you been a part of the ADEX team?  

A: 3 Years

Q: What is your position?  

A: Graphic Production Specialist

Q: What does that mean?  

A: Maintaining-Operating printing & finishing equipment. Helping create new processes for custom jobs.

Q: What does that really mean you do?  

A: To be a part of something I am passionate about as well as having the creative freedom to produce products.

Q: Craziest thing you’ve seen while traveling?  

A: I haven’t traveled much to see anything crazy but it is a huge joy going on to job sites to apply graphics or vinyl and seeing the finish product from start to finish.

Q: What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten? 

A: The raw oysters that get slurped down. Steamed oysters are ok! 

Q: If you weren’t a Graphic Production Specialist what would you want to do? 

A: Be a mechanical technician on machines or vehicles. Taking things apart to fix or clean is very relaxing to me. 

Q: What is your favorite ADEX memory? 

A: Attending IMTS in Chicago seeing work that I helped complete as well as seeing how these trade shows are in action. 

Q: Close your eyes for this one…Where is your happy place?

A: Red River Gorge in Kentucky  

Q: Who do you think we should feature next? 

A: Brent Abbot