GE Aviation

GE Aviation's exhibit at NBAA



GE Aviation

GE Aviation is the largest jet engine manufacture in the world. In 2018 GE launched the Passport and Catalyst engines for the B&GA market. The Passport engine powers the Bombardier Global 750 and the Catalyst the Cessna Denali.

To feature the Passport, ADEX was task to develop a transportation dolly that would also serve as display stand to reduce show site cost of transferring the engine to a display stand. A steel frame was designed with removable casters and a jack system to position the engine in the exhibit. Once the casters were removed and the engine elevated a façade was placed around the frame with lights and interactive touch screen for information on the engine.

The exhibit also featured areas for the B&GA turbo prop engines, systems and service offerings. All of which were featured in the front half of the exhibit space. The exhibit also included a private lounge area and two climate controlled conference rooms.

The Passport engine was used as a photo opt area with a roving photographer equipped with a digital tablet that allowed the attendee to send their photo to their email which was captured for future follow up.  360 leads were generated.