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Fables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna explores classic Arabic folktales: their origins, their role in early Islamic culture, and how they influenced fairy tales familiar to many today. Kalila and Dimna are Arabic translations of stories found in the two-thousand-year-old Indian Panchatantra, and via oral tradition, these tales became beloved fables throughout Islamic society.

ADEX International collaborated with The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to create the exhibit. Featuring original artwork, unique interactives and bilingual labels (English and Arabic), Fables Across Time illustrates how the stories known to one culture may have their roots in another. Dr. Al Khemir, celebrated author and artist,  describes her creative process in video presentations. Guests are encouraged to create their own artwork reflecting their own favorite stories. Visitors learn how listening to stories, creating art, and working together help bridge differences among people.