Loth Inc

Internal renovations and customer experience showroom



Meet LOTH, Inc.

Since 1891 LOTH, Inc. has focused on office furniture and workplace innovation.  They use their products as a catalyst to optimize office spaces and excite staff.  In order to better display their office solutions they renovated warehouse space into a dazzling new showroom with multiple areas of engagement and a showcase for new technologies.  To help create this space they looked to ADEX Intl. for help.

Drawing on their own multi-decade expertise, ADEX Intl. worked with the designers at LOTH, Inc. to transform their warehouse into an inviting and invigorating showroom.  Pairing unique textures, colors, and materials the designers at both firms developed a space that offers multiple solutions for their clients while telling the story of their own brand and showcasing the space as distinctly LOTH, Inc.