Our Core Offerings

Our experiential approach towards your solution is our highly recognized hallmark through the industry. When your needs are three dimensional, ADEX can plan and execute any assignment.


The ADEX team of award winning designers work with you to create an experience that visually connects, attracts, engages, and inspires your audience.

Sales & Project Management

The ADEX sales and project management professionals consult with you to provide you with their knowledgable, and expert advice.


The project engineers at ADEX convey the details of your fabrication with an eye towards ease of use and fast setup. Our team of master craftsman build your exhibit with the quality needed to sustain over time.


ADEX’s refurbishment team strives to make the client’s booth look brand new at every show.

Logistics & Facility

ADEX manages over 2,000 shows & events nationally and over 250 globally each year, most being in a turnkey fashion.

Web Based Management

We utilize a proprietary system called EvenTrac, which we custom designed by our in house IT department specifically for our clients’ needs and to enhance real time information delivery and communication.


We’re helping companies, who typically leverage face-to-face interactions for building relationships, educating, and selling, adapt to a new virtual strategy.

Lead Retrieval

 ADEX has partnered with Zuant to provide their mobile data platform as a turnkey lead capture solution. 


Web based system for ordering, managing and shipping your product. Our in house IT staff will develop a custom order entry and management system that meets your needs.