Grifols Bioscience

Grifols Museum in
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina



Grifols Bioscience

When your customer wants a Museum Display in their Headquarters and there is no designated area available, your Design team gets creative.  Grifols, Raleigh North Carolina wanted to provide an attractive, informative Museum display for their guests and employees to understand and appreciate the growth of Grifols Legacy.  With no specific area available for such a display yet a lobby space that could potentially be transformed and provide a dual purpose, the ADEX Creative Design team opened their minds and laid out a beautiful design using the existing wall and floor space wisely.

In keeping with a Museum feel, guests like to experience visuals with depth, layers, lighting, movement and sound.  A long narrow lobby space was converted to a path of 8’ high angled, colorful, back lit, dimensional wall panels including multiple video screens.  The Grifols historical depth of information was conveyed through various types of graphic applications which keeps the guests interested in seeing what is around the corner.  It is now a natural flow for all visitors at the Grifols, Raleigh North Carolina headquarters to check in with the reception area and be drawn to the Museum area while waiting for their Grifols meeting to begin.  A Museum in North Carolina was a Grifols vision; ADEX International took the vision and made it a very successful reality.