The Top 7 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Important for Your Business

Trade shows should be a key consideration when evaluating your marketing and sales strategy.  They are a key avenue to increasing business opportunities with potential and current customers by providing a centralized location for meaningful face-to-face interactions within your industry.

  • Increase Awareness

    Increase awareness by leveraging automated marketing and social media platforms before, during and after the show.  With a well-designed, visually impactful booth, you can improve corporate and brand recognition for  the products & services you offer on the trade show floor. Implement a hierarchical approach to your message, layering underneath the Corporate brand identity with strong visuals and content that support your products and services. 
  • Build Credibility

    An important reason to attend trade shows is the opportunity to establish credibility within the marketplace.  By securing booth spaces with an orientation that allows for maximum attendee traffic and use of space, you will be perceived as a market leader.  This is particularly beneficial if you’re just beginning to exhibit or experiencing market growth.  
  • Educate

    Having attendees meeting  at your booth is an excellent opportunity to provide information on your products and services face to face.  Existing customers may not be engaging your company fully because they are not aware of all that the company has to offer.  These gaps in knowledge leaves space for competitors.  By engaging with attendees at trade shows and providing a capabilities journey, you can provide valuable education on what makes your company the best solution.
  • Cultivate Business Relationships

    Attending trade shows is a great way to meet and connect with both new and existing customers. Most people want to put a face to the product or service they purchase and by exhibiting at a trade event, you create an opportunity for connection.  Schedule social activities both in the booth and externally.  These activities could include informal dining experiences or formal meetings / presentations.  The opportunity is to maximize the value from having an engaged audience.
  • Accelerate the Sales Process

    Trade Shows  provide the perfect medium to market your products or services to a large specialized audience in a short amount of time with the ability to generate more sales leads.  Sales cycles are typically long, but engaging attendees at a trade show can accelerate the sales process.  With the opportunity to meet face-to-face, exhibitors can quickly gather information on a prospect’s needs and provide an immediate response.  Meeting in person also provides a level of familiarity that is difficult to replicate otherwise.  Qualified lead generation is an important metric to determine trade show success and is an excellent touchpoint in the sales process.
  • Stay Current

    Attending a trade show will help you stay current on emerging industry trends and the competition. If possible, those staffing the booth should take time to attend Keynotes or show sessions.   These presentations can help you and your team learn new industry concepts and where the marketplace is headed.

In addition, trade shows can provide you insights into your competitors and their strategies. Review the exhibitors guide and make it a point to visit other booths. Learning what the competition is doing in your industry can provide you with a competitive advantage.


  • Network

Hundreds of companies (small and large) sign up for trade shows for the sole purpose of networking. These opportunities to create new business partners or alliances with distributors, vendors, and buyers through networking can be very beneficial.  Plan to meet with any industry publications that are at the show as well.  An interview or article written during the event is another PR opportunity.

Bottom Line

CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) reports that the cost of sales at trade shows is approximately 30% less than direct sales.  A well-planned trade show strategy can increase sales and lower expenditures.

Today’s business environment is constantly changing and ADEX is here to help.  We consult with emerging businesses looking to expand in their market by leveraging trade shows as a starting point.  We collaborate with companies looking to start up or revamp their trade show programs for measurable results.

Contact us today for help with your next trade show.

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