Seven Tips for Creating an Impactful Exhibit

At ADEX, we design and create meaningful booth experiences. According to Exhibit Surveys, Inc., tradeshow attendees spend an average of 8.3 hours on the floor visiting booths. Although that may seem like a lot of time, there is so much visual noise you’ll want to ensure that your exhibit stands out and leaves a lasting impression. Here are some tips for creating a memorable experience for visitors at your exhibit. 

1. Define the Objectives

Exhibits are leveraged to create awareness, build relationships, educate, demonstrate, and sell. By defining and weighting the most important objectives to match the industry, market, and event; exhibitors can prioritize booth components and activities. The exhibit should enhance your business and marketing strategies specific to audience and event. 

2. Maximize the Space

A big key to designing an effective tradeshow exhibit is to make the best use of the limited space. Whenever possible, try to reserve a space in a high-traffic area. Design the exhibit to provide enough space to achieve your objectives, while leaving enough open space to create a welcoming environment. Think vertically by adding height to your booth and use wayfinding to guide attendees to avoid a confusing experience. 

3. Branding, Branding, Branding

Although it goes without saying, be hyper-aware of using your exhibit to generate brand awareness. Your booth should be a visual representation of your brand and attendees should immediately recognize your company. By creating a compelling brand experience – whether through visuals, product displays, or demonstrations , attendees will be more likely to have memorable takeaways. 

4. Use Color Wisely 

Colors can elicit an emotional response and bright, eye-catching hues can grab a person’s attention, but it’s still important that you are clearly communicating your brand messaging through the colors being used. It might be tempting to deviate from your branding to create a more vivid display, but you can use colors creatively while still being true to your brand. Complimentary colors can give you more options when used strategically. Different color treatments include materials, textures, and graphics. 

5. Provide Opportunities for Interaction

Add space where you can incorporate your product and services into the exhibit to create opportunities for interactive moments. If visitors are given the chance to interact with your offerings, they are more likely to stay longer and retain key information relative to their needs. Attendees will always be more engaged if they are active participants as opposed to passive observers. 

6. Integrate Technology 

Video or multimedia can grab the attention of attendees while also creating a dynamic, engaging experience. In addition to monitors showcasing your products and services, other multimedia options include LED video walls and digital interactives. Incorporating technology into your booth can engage and educate your audience, enabling your company to stand out amongst competitors. 

7. Incorporate the Senses

Use methods to engage the senses: Visual: Lighting is key and should be used strategically while matching the ambiance you want to create for your exhibit. Lighting can showcase your product with dramatic effect and backlighting can create visual focus points and frame messaging. Impactful exhibit lighting can both attract attendees and create a more welcoming environment. Motion: Large LED visuals and looping content on monitors are eye catching and draws attendees into your booth for further discussions. Sound and Smell: Ambient music or sound is always intriguing and can pull attendees attention to your booth as does smell – a good coffee or popcorn is always enticing and actually keeps them in the booth longer for quality conversation. 

If you are interested in incorporating these tips into your next tradeshow booth, consider working with ADEX. Our tradeshow experts will collaborate with you to provide a creative and effective solution tailored to your unique business and exhibit needs. For more information call or contact us today or fill out our RFP form here